The Glowing Grotto:


The main attraction of the flaming celestial body resides here, within the Glowing Grotto. The structure in itself is enormous, though the majority of it makes up the walls guarding the main chambers, where Esmee resides. Like most other erected formations across the planet, it is guarded by flames, volcanoes, and treacherous terrain. To get past the walls and many traps set up around them, one must be increasingly cautious not to fall into a pit of lava, step on an unstable brick, and more importantly, watch for a random flurry of firey molten rocks from above. With the danger of it aside, the Glowing Grotto is a beautiful structure. The insides of it are dimly lit by a multitude of torches and sparkling flame elementals which guide those within it. Phoenixes cross here often, patroling the region to make sure their mistress is safe within the stone palace.

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